When Timing is Key…

Time to...

Watching time fly by...

Some say that perfect timing can be the difference between success and failure. I learnt that lesson the hard way recently. In fact, it was just yesterday.

About a couple of weeks ago, I announced that I was taking my trials that will lead up to my finals (SPM) this year. And so I studied…

And studied…


And studied some more...

And yet, I had my Additional Maths subject yesterday and flunked it. Why? Because I wasn’t being too urgent in writing my answers that I wasted too much time and too little questions and ended up running out of time with a few questions left blank.

My parents weren’t impressed when I told them about it, saying that I should have practiced more before going in for the exam. I felt terrible after checking through my question paper as I knew I could have done those questions had I focused on it a little more.

My mother, being the more understanding of my parents told me that I should have known how to control my time properly. And that its exams like these that would prepare people like us for the future. She told me that focusing and using up all my time on a single problem won’t help to resolve all my problems quickly and effectively.

She told me that doctors also had this problem. They couldn’t focus on a single patient and make him/her all better while the other patients wither away. Doctors have to treat each patient equally and give them medicine and painkillers to hold them out and hopefully help out all of them onto the road to recovery.

My mind...

Her statement really left a mark on me...

It was then that I decided that I should learn from my mistakes and move forward instead of hanging around wondering what could have been different.

With that in mind, I now focus on my next subjects and after my trials I’ll go in full steam ahead towards my finals. Hopefully, my results would speak for themselves by then.


On a side note,



Go All Blacks!

So far in the Rugby World Cup 2011, I’ve seen numerous almost-upsets, 2 streaking incidents, and my favorite team playing well in the competition, hopefully they win this time around. I’d be pissed if they didn’t.


2 thoughts on “When Timing is Key…

  1. 😦 Sorry to hear about the math exam. Well, I hope you do better next time.

    Totally agreed. Knowing how to budget time, whether it’s on a test or in life, is sooo incredibly important, but can be so hard…

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