Birthday Opening- Welcome, it’s my birthday!

Hi there, my name is Jeffrey Goh and I’m from Malaysia. Eheh, now I know what you’re thinking, why am I starting of my new blog like this. Well, to be honest, I don’t. I just had the urge to go ahead and start of my blog just like this. Anyway, there will be more content coming out at least once a week, so hopefully I can stick to it.

Lying Cake?

It's my birthday right, so why does this piece of cake feel like a lie?

Anyway I’m opening my new blog today (8 August). Just a brief look at what you might expect in this blog.

The RED team

No 'I' in this team here!

Fan-made Artwork

Interests in Japanese media

Beautiful day...

Life Experiences and other thoughts...

Keep a lookout next week for my first real post. For now, I will just be in my room creepily singing happy birthday to myself…


4 thoughts on “Birthday Opening- Welcome, it’s my birthday!

  1. Tsk…tsk…..still got time for all these??? Anyway how was the birthday celebration? Got a big cake? Better take it easy on the blogging. It is not going to add value to your current set of goals……Focus now or u’ll regret later on… me, I know. GOD gave u a perfect brain to think…..use it wisely for there are others who do not even have the mental faculties to do even the simplest of tasks……

    • Nah, no birthday cake today, just a simple ice cream sundae with a candle on top. Had a little snack at Swensens last night. Don’t worry, I’ll lay it easy, I’ve got tons of work to do anyways.

    • Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog! Again, I want to say thanks for your support. Hopefully I would be able to update consistently but since my finals are coming up, I have to still focus on my work. Oh well, then. Let us keep up the writing shall we?

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